Month: May 2011

City Councillor 37.5% guilty

Prince George City Councillor, Brian Skakun was found guilty of violating the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, after he apparently released a confidential document to the media in August of 2008. He was fined $750.

The maximum fine for a charge such as this is $2,000.

So he was 37.5% guilty?

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New co-host for The River Wake Up

MAY 24, 2011 – PRINCE GEORGE: In the words of 101.3 The River’s program director Ron Polillo, “Ladies and gentlemen, we have a number seven!”

At a special ‘media event’ draped in all the suspense of an American Idol final, Ron Polillo announced that Ashley Hinton has been selected to fill the North Chair position on Prince George’s favourite morning show. Ashley, a long-time daytime host on a cross-town rival radio station will join Mike Benny on The River Wake Up, starting Tuesday May 31, 2011.

A spokesperson for Mike Benny said, “Mr Benny is thrilled with the selection committee’s choice and particularly happy to pluck Number Seven from one of our competitors. Mr. Benny is also appreciative of the efforts of Weekend Jen who has been doing extra duty filling in since the departure of Number Six over a month ago.”

For her part, Weekend Jen said, “I’ll just be damn glad to get a friggen day off!”

Mike Benny has had a long string of co-host since 1999, Ashley will make it seven.

Ashley is a Leo, she is friends with most people, fairly balanced and has killer hair. “I like Party Mix or Chinese Crackers – toss up. They both give you REALLY bad breath though, so don’t sit next to me on the bus.”

She could not be reached for comment, however on her Facebook page she commented, “I am happy to be joining the River and glad to working with Mark Benny. I’ve heard so much about him. Mostly from him..”

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Why is Canada in 2nd place on the World Happiness Scale?

Canadians are the second happiest group in the world according to a new study released by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The index covers 11 areas: housing, incomes, employment, social relationships, education, the environment, the administration of institutions, health, general satisfaction, security and the balance between work and family.

The United States finished seventh, Turkey finished last. Australia ranked first in the overall happiness scale.

So, why is Canada in 2nd place on the World Happiness Scale? Why aren’t we number one?

#5. That whole no stat in February thing.

#4. Last year we were too apologetic for being in 1st place.

#3. Ben Mulroney (Brian too..).

#2. We are still recovering from a bad case of election-roids.

#1. Apparently “G’day mate” trumps “Eh”.

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Umm, Oprah tickets. Ya, Oprah tickets that's it.

“An Ontario man is facing a felony charge in Chicago for allegedly making up a story about being robbed of tickets to the final Oprah show tapings.

Chicago media reports 44-year-old Robert Spearing told police he was beaten and robbed of the tickets on Tuesday by two men.

But police say he later admitted he had made up the story to avoid telling his wife they had traveled to Chicago without tickets.”

I can just see how this went down?

“Happy birthday Honey. What? No, I didn’t just get you that silly mop. A mop for your birthday would be silly, umm, I, umm, got you something else too. It’s really special, umm, and I know you’re going to umm, love it. It’s, umm, tickets to Oprah. Ya, it’s tickets to Oprah. That’s a good gift isn’t it honey? Ya, I have to pick them up later. So, happy birthday. Now can we switch it back to the game? Thanks honey.”

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Is Facebook dead?

Yes, I have a feeling that Facebook is dead or nearly dead.

I think Facebook is full. There are simply too many people using it now. Facebook is now way too mainstream and way too riddled with unwanted commercial messages (and all sorts of flotsam & jetsam). I’m not complaining about the tidy little ads on the right-hand side of the page, but instead the streams of status updates and Tweets from mortgage brokers, politicians, car dealers and real-estate agents.

It’s as though there was a big conference a year ago and one of the guest speakers told everyone, they must be on Facebook, so they all ran back to their offices and signed up. Their status updates are sell-lines and listings, their shared photos are open houses and fixer-uppers.

Conspiracy theorists could say, Facebook was originally setup to trap 500 million people in one room so that real-estate agents, politicians and the like could walk into the room and cold-sell anyone they bumped into.

And have you noticed that everyone’s mom is on Facebook now? Moms, uncles, aunts..etc.

Facebook has become so mainstream that many of it’s original users have had to change the way they use it. Now that your uncle, your uncle’s boss, your mom and your mom’s company are on the same social network as you – you are not quite as free as you used to be with your thoughts and shares.

Totally made up statistics show that use of the ‘wall’ and photo sharing is way down by traditional users (young humans) and way up by non-traditional users (over 40’s & businesses). However, the use of Facebook’s message system is on the increase for traditional users.

Social network experts suggest the increase in use of FB’s message system and the decline in use of FB’s ‘wall’ is because traditional users are withdrawing into a more private area for most of their communications.

Traditional users are using Facebook less and less.

So what happens now? Is Facebook really dead? As soon as I get confirmation I’ll post it on my wall.

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The election in 30 words

IN 30 WORDS: Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have a majority government and Jack Layton’s NDP will be the official opposition. Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals placed 3rd and Ignatieff lost his seat. The Bloc are done.

THOUGHTS: When I saw Ignatieff’s speech last night it reminded me of the T-Rex in Meet The Robinsons – “I have a big head and little arms and I’m just not sure how well this plan was thought through.”

QUOTE-2: Gomer Pyle, “Surprise, surprise, surprise!”

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