Month: November 2011

It's a homemade Christmas

Today is Buy Nothing Day – a day to fight against the crass commercialism of Christmas. Today people are encouraged to make some of their gifts and work towards a home-made Christmas. Top five signs it’s a homemade Christmas at your house. #5. Instead of looks of surprise and joy Christmas morning, you’re faced with …

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Have fun while Christmas shopping

Mike’s top five ways to have fun while (other people are) Christmas shopping. #5. Go to M&M Meat Shops pretend to page “clean up in isle two” (ha h ha – there’s only one isle at M&M’s). #4. Hide inside the clothing racks and while someone browses through yell, “Pick me! Pick me!” #3. Move …

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Not great Christmas Bonus gifts

The average cash Christmas bonus that Canadian companies will be handing out this year is $400. Other Christmas bonus gifts for staff this year include; dinners, trips and gift certificates. Mike’s top five Christmas bonus gifts that are not so great. #5. T-shirt that says “Just glad to be working here”. #4. Gift certificate for …

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