3 Billion Mile (9 year) Road Trip in Space

The New Horizons spacecraft just flew past Pluto, after traveling 3 billion miles (9 years).

Top five things about being on a super long, nine year road trip in space…

#5. You’re super tired of constantly converting local time to Earth time.

#4. You find a good radio station and then 100,000 miles later – it’s gone.

#3. You get stuck behind one of those NASA transport spacecraft that rides along in the left lane for years and years!

#2. You pass Megatron, Loki a bunch of Romulans going the other way (but you don’t want to get involved, so you don’t call anyone).

#1. You’re totally shocked and saddened to find out The Pussycat Dolls broke-up! (5 years ago!)

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