An open letter to Bears

Dear Bears,

twobearsYesterday I pulled out the slow-cooker to make some turkey soup with my Thanksgiving leftovers.

I make the soup in the garage so the whole house doesn’t smell like soup (I’ve had issues in the past – some experimental soups that didn’t smell too great).

This morning I stepped into the garage and I was struck by this wondrous aroma – turkey, carrots, celery, onions, potatoes, sea salt, black pepper, poultry spice, rosemary, thyme, a hint of oregano – – the smell is fantastic. I think to myself “this must be driving the bears nuts”.

I know you guys are in the neighborhood, I’ve seen you going through the trash containers left out at night. I’ve seen your poop in the morning.

The garage door opens…

Not one bear.

No sign of a bear.

Be honest – you guys have licked clean the inside of a mushroom soup can that’s covered in coffee grounds that’s lying beside a diaper…

… but you weren’t enticed at all by the aroma of my soup? 🙁

That hurts.

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