April Fools Day

Remember the rules, all pranks must be in fun, do no harm and be finished by noon. Be fun, do no harm and be done by noon? Sounds like This morning show.

If you end up at emergency on the morning of April 1st, find yourself running up three flights of stairs with a plunger or if you notice you are driving to work on fewer than four tires, chances are someone went too far with AFD prank.

Here are Mike’s top five safe yet amusing AFD pranks.
#5. Page yourself over the intercom at work. Page yourself at least every fifteen minutes, becoming more and more agitated every time.
#4. Go door to door in a colorful costume, demanding people give you candy.
#3. During the staff meeting today, laugh out loud every once in while and say “Good one boss! You got me!”
#2. Keep calling for The Weeknd concert tickets and every time the DJ answers the phone ask if he’s interested in switching long distance carriers.
#1. Go to Tim Hortons with your loser roll up the rim cup and demand they give you a “play again”, whatever that is?!

To five signs you were pranked last year.
#5. Still have a chipped tooth from trying to roll up the rim on your travel mug.
#4. That day you were 7 hours late for work (darn time change pranks).
#3. Pants optional bus service sounded believable..
#2. Your pretty sure, you’ll never forget the taste of Nutella and Ex-lax.
#1. There’s no way your falling for that “don’t come to work, tomorrow is a stat holiday” joke!

Top Five Prince George April Fools Day Jokes.
#5. When they come to pick up your garbage in the morning, run out and ask the guy for a receipt.
#4. Walk around all day at work, bragging that you are violating the exotic animal ban, but you’re not saying exactly which animal you have in your pants..
#3. Say you already fixed all the potholes. Good one!
#2. Only put 4 things on your Top 5 list!!

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