Author: Mike Benny

Prince George radio host.
Soupist and beerist.

How old is Mr. PG?

How old is Mr. PG? Mr. PG was officially “born” May 8th, 1960. He was originally used as a mannequin at the downtown Mr. Big & Tall shop [probably not true]. The idea for Mr. PG originated with Harold Moffat in the late 1950’s, who believed Prince George needed a mascot to promote the forest …

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A brief history of Canada

17,000 years ago, the first people arrived in the area that is now Canada. They came via the Bearing Land Bridge from Siberia (when global sea levels dropped during the last ice age). These people could only get as far as (the) Yukon because the rest of the country was still covered in ice. The …

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Stupid Simple Pea Soup Recipe

I tried to keep the steps and the ingredients as simple as possible. If you run into any problems or have any questions, please “Leave a reply” below and I’ll get back to you right away. -Mike You will need… 1 soup pot (a pot that can hold 10 cups of liquid) A kitchen wand …

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Impossible Questions for August 2019

clown fish

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: When it comes to total numbers of pets, cats are number two and this animal is number one. ANSWER: Freshwater fish (source). IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 18% of guys say this helped them get through a bad break-up. ANSWER: A pet. IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Doing this on a first date really increases your chances of a …

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Top five best tank movies

Taking a break from World of Tanks and looking for a great tank movie? Here are the top five best tank movies of all time. #1. Fury (2014 – Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf) Tanks featured: M4A3E8 Sherman, Tiger #2. White Tiger (2014) Tanks featured: T-34-85, Tiger #3. Sahara (1943 – Humphrey Bogart) Tanks featured: M3 …

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