Author: Mike Benny

A perfect boiled egg

For a perfect soft boiled egg… 1. Put cold water in a pot (2/3’s full). 2. Put the lid on the pot and bring it to a full boil. 3. Once the water is boiling, gently place the egg in the boiling water (you can do more than one, as long as they bang together). …

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Impossible Questions for March 2018

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 46% of adults talk to this, even though it’s unlikely they’ll be heard. ANSWER: An ATM (bank machine) IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: It’s unlikely you would use this more than 72 times. ANSWER: A toilet paper roll [source]. IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: It takes about 22 muscle pairs and 7 cranial nerves to do this. ANSWER: Swallow …

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Groundhog Day!

Hamburger Helper

Here are some facts about the Groundhog..   Groundhog is one word, not two. Groundhogs live in Canada as well as the Eastern and Midwestern U.S.. They also go by the name ‘Woodchuck’. They are a member of the Squirrel family. Whiarton Willie has not always been Willie (in 1956 they started with Grundoon followed …

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