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Bus Roadeo!

Doing my best to represent at the @BCTransit Bus Roadeo yesterday. I came away in 2nd place in our group with a score of 84. Greg Bruce from the MOT was #1. Thank you Pacific Western Transportation and #cityofpg.

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Groundhog Day!

Hamburger Helper

Here are some facts about the Groundhog..   Groundhog is one word, not two. Groundhogs live in Canada as well as the Eastern and Midwestern U.S.. They also go by the name ‘Woodchuck’. They are a member of the Squirrel family. Whiarton Willie has not always been Willie (in 1956 they started with Grundoon followed …

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Sleep experts?!

Sleep experts say healthy adults need six to eight hours of sleep every night and they say, over 60% of us are getting less sleep than we need. Thank you sleep experts. What kind of ‘experts’ are you? “Um.. a bunch of you are having trouble sleeping.” -Experts Ya, we know that. Can you help? …

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