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How long do you cook a turkey?

To save you the trouble of Googling this… from About.Com Home Cooking… Keep in mind the most important number is the temperature of the bird. The internal temperature of the bird should be at least 165/170°F (74/76°C) everywhere in the bird and 175°F (80°C) in the thigh. Most people recommend roasting in a preheated 325 …

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Black Bean Chicken Chili Recipe

This is a simple – quick to make – chili recipe using chicken and black beans (adapted from the original “Chicken and Black Bean Chili” recipe from Save On Foods). The original recipe serves six, my adaptation serves 10 or more.  Also in my version, I add fresh mushrooms, kidney beans and a lot more tomato. …

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How to make Yam soup

This is a very simple Yam recipe that makes a brightly colored, rich tasting soup. A great comfort food on a chilly day! You could use Sweet Potatoes instead of Yams, but you would lose the color. Ingredients 4 medium size yams. (peeled and cut into 1.5 inch thick chucks) 1 medium onion. (chopped) 1 …

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Simple Bran Muffin Recipe

As you can see, a well used and easy to follow bran muffin recipe. You’ll need a large mixing bowl, a blender and a muffin tray. Then… 1 cup margarine 1 cup white sugar 1 cup brown sugar 2 tbsp molasses Cream all in a large bowl with a mixer. 1/4 tsp salt 1 1/2 …

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