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Impossible Questions for January 2019

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: The average person will spend about 20,000 minutes doing this over their lifetime. ANSWER: Kissing [source]! Time spent kissing: 20,160 mins = 336 hours = 2 weeks IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: When it comes to life-skills that employers look for, this is number one. ANSWER: Creativity [source]. SOFT SKILLS 1. Creativity 2. Persuasion 3. Collaboration …

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Impossible Questions for April 2018

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: The heaviest one of these is over 22 pounds! ANSWER: A carrot [source]. IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: This has grown 2.5 inches since 1997. ANSWER: The average person’s waistline [source]. IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: There are about 475,000 of these in Canada (4.1 million in the US). ANSWER: Administrative Professionals [source]. IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: This can weigh about …

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