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Impossible Questions for December 2018

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: The average person that has this, uses it 11 times per day. ANSWER: Tinder [source]! IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: This usually happens at 6:44 in the morning. ANSWER: Kids wake up their parents on Christmas morning! IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Canada makes about 175,000 tons of this every year, because we really need it at Christmas. ANSWER: …

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Impossible Questions for November 2018

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 66% of women do this every day, but only 49% of men do it. ANSWER: Pray [source]. IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Men spend about 7 hours per year in the bathroom doing this. ANSWER: Hiding. IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: An average one of these is about $850. ANSWER: Christmas bonus [source]. IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: The largest one of …

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Impossible Questions for August 2018


IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If you have one of these there’s a 25% chance it doesn’t work. ANSWER: A doorbell. IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 44% of friends admit they’ve done this (and say they usually try to make it look like an accident). ANSWER: Sabotage a friend’s diet. IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: While on vacation, men will use a lot more …

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Impossible Questions for July 2018

Bad camping

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 50% of us say THIS will totally ruin a weekend camping trip. ANSWER: Someone in the group being miserable (or unhappy) Also: Noisy neighbors Bugs Rain Too hot/too cold IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If you did this all day at work today (8 hours), you wouldn’t break any records, but you would be close. ANSWER: …

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