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Things you should know about napping

Thirty-four percent of us have napped in the last 24 hours. A survey of 1,488 adults revealed that, men are more likely to nap than women. Napping for just 10 minutes can enhance your alertness, mood, and mental performance. Here are Mike’s top five things you should know about napping. #5. If it’s under an …

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Signs you might be too Canadian

– You know the French words for “trans fat”, “crunch” and “cereal”. – You have twin boys named Wayne and Gordie. – You substitute beer for water when cooking. – You’ve purposefully said ‘Eh’ at the end of a sentence, pretending to pretend that you’re a Canadian. – You can’t walk past a pile of …

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Juliette is Flying The Coop!

Just in case you missed the news on Thursday… PRINCE GEORGE (June 2, 2017): Juliette Nunes, popular mid-day radio host (and current, acting morning show co-host) has just announced her plans to leave 101.3 The River. 🙁 Juliette has accepted a position with NOW! Radio in Edmonton ( Juliette will stop paying provincial sales tax …

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Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day 2017 If you are looking for new and “different” ways to celebrate Earth Day, here are some suggestions… #5. Make clever gifts for each other using only materials that are found on Earth like, gold, silver, chocolate, rubber, wood, plastic, mercury, bacon, ducks, etc… #4. Throw a big party for Earth but don’t …

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Problems with cycling in Prince George

I sure am seeing a lot more cyclists on the road lately. Here are the top five problems with cycling in Prince George. 5. Keeping two double-doubles and a single-single in the little basket without getting the Timbits wet. 4. Potholes. 3. Deciding between hitting the icy patch or risking the puddle of indeterminate depth. …

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St. Patrick’s Day Jokes!

Lucky Charms

St. Patrick’s death occurred on either March 8th or 9th in 461 A.D. Church officials weren’t sure so they added them together and made it the 17th. Good thing it wasn’t March 28th or 29th… Mike’s Top Five Worst St. Patrick’s Day Jokes. #5. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Irish. Irish who? Irish you a happy …

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