Cheapo Halloween costumes

People are already talking Halloween costumes (some can be pretty expensive) so here are the top five cheapo costumes this year.
#5. Yellow hard hat – case of stag Chilli – Bob The Flatulant! (a-la Bob the Builder).
#4. Go door to door in a hysterical panic looking for your headphones, demanding someone get you a coffee and a donut right now (go as a radio dj)!
#3. Instead of saying “trick or treat” – act aloof and disinterested and then just before they close the door on you, rub up against the homeowners leg (go as a cat).
#2. Walk around with a few thousand dollars cash on you, but don’t give any to anyone (go as the Sound of Money)
#1. Two months of back hair shavings and a glue stick and “Hey I’m A black Bear! I’m A black Bear!”

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