Cheaters Guide to the #SuperBowl

Ready coach
Ready coach!

The Cheaters Guide to Super Bowl Sunday – for people who know nothing about football but want to feel like they belong…

-The teams are the New England Patriots vs.  the New York Giants.
-Anybody asks? You are cheering for The Patriots (safe bet).
-The Giants beat Patriots in the 2008 Super Bowl after New England went undefeated that year. A solid line anytime anyone asks about 2008 is “I do not want to talk about it.”
-New England has won 3 Super Bowls and lost 3.
-The Giants have won 3 and lost 1.
-The Giants QB is Eli Manning.
-New England’s QB is Tom Brady.
-The Super Bowl is in Indianapolis.
-The Super Bowl trophy is called “The Vince Lombardi Trophy”.
-7,550 pounds of hot dogs will be eaten at the stadium during the game.
-The only day when more food is consumed in the U.S. is Thanksgiving Day.

Go Patriots!!

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