Dell Studio 17 laptop – Fan stopped working

Yesterday my Dell laptop just ‘shut-off’ for no reason (no BSD, no “Will now close..”, just black). I could re-start it, but it would only run for a few minutes and then shut off again.

Then I noticed it wasn’t making any noise… the fan wasn’t kicking in. The fan on this laptop is notoriously noisy, so it was really obvious that it wasn’t running.

I let it cool completely, removed the battery and started it up again. This time it ran for a good 15 minutes before over heating and shutting down. So, I assumed the problem was a faulty cooling fan.

As you can see below, the techs (at our shop) were able to replace the fan and fix the cooling issue, however in the process they damaged the keyboard, so they rigged a desktop keyboard as a temporary fix.

Dell Studio 17 laptop with desktop keyboard replacement

Funny thing is, I replaced the keyboard on this Dell about a year ago. Dell support was great, they sent me the keyboard (still on warranty) and install was easy.

Here’s the service manual for the Dell 1749.

Instructions for removing the cooling fan (The Thermal Fan) are on page 28 of the manual.

Dell Thermal Fan replacement from page 28 of the manual

As you can see, removing the keyboard is necessary, so maybe have some duct tape and a  desktop keyboard standing by – just in case.

If this isn’t the specific Dell error code you’re looking for, I found a useful link to Dell’s ‘Beep Codes and PSA Diagnostic Chart’ LINK.

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