Do ants and spiders get along or are they enemies?

Some spiders avoid ants

The majority of spiders are solitary predators, they don’t like being around ants because ants are generally territorial, aggressive and some are venomous or noxious.

Some spiders get along with ants

Hundreds of species of spiders live close to or even with ants. Some of these spiders will mimic ant behavior and some will change their shape to resemble an ant.

These spiders use their proximity to the ants for protection from their own predators, they also take advantage of the stable climate and abundant food resources offered by the ants.

Some spiders eat ants

A few species of spiders actively hunt and eat ants, even though hunting ants is a risky business.

These ant-eating spiders develop special techniques for dealing with a prey that is nasty, aggressive and particularly good at defending their population.

The information above was gleaned from Paula Cushing’s –¬†Spider-Ant Associations¬†

Some ants eat spiders

Most ant species are omnivores, they eat seeds, nectar and other invertebrates.

Army ants are carnivorous, they hunt, kill and eat prey such as worms, spiders and even sometimes small vertebrates like lizards…

Gleaned from Antark

Are ants afraid of spiders?

No. Ants fear nothing.

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