Facebook is now SFW!


Bosses may soon be demanding that employees get on Facebook and do some work. The social media giant is getting ready to roll out a workplace version of its site called “Facebook at Work”. It will compete head-to-head with Google’s and Microsoft’s workplace products, as well as LinkedIn. It will look and function much like Facebook’s existing site, sources say, but will include tools for people to work on things like shared documents and will allow users to keep their personal Facebook profiles completely separate from their professional ones.

Problems I see with a work version of Facebook…

#1. My self esteem in my personal life is low enough thanks (let’s not mess with my work life)…

#2. How far away could a work version of Farmville be? Hey wait a second — that might fun.

#3. By default the work version of Facebook is set to “huge waste of time”, to change it to “small waste of time” you have to go in to settings and that’s hard…

Do you see any potential problems??

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