How fast can an ant run?

Saharan Silver Ants
Saharan Silver Ants (Wikipedia)

If a Saharan silver ant were enlarged to human size, it could run as fast as 330 mph!

A normal ant blown up to human size would run about 30 mph.

In reality, regular ants travel at around 300 meters per hour (source) or 0.186 miles per hour.

The fastest ants in the world are the Saharan silver ants (Cataglyphis bombycina). Able to travel up to 100 body lengths per second (human sized that’s over 330 mph!).Source

Different ant species run at different speeds. For example, fire ants (Solenopsis spp.) travel at a rate of nine body lengths per second. Scaled up to human size, this is roughly equal to running 30 miles per hour. Source

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