Finally the penny is gone, thank goodness!

Jim Flaherty in a moment of sober reflection…

Finally the penny is gone!

Top five benefits of being without the penny.

#5. Finally no more $1.99’s and $1.79’s. Just good ole $1.95’s and $1.80’s.

#4. Grade 3’ers will now be in high demand by retailers and tax accountants because of their unique skills with the 5-times-tables.

#3. No more worries about what to do with giant jar of pennies in the back of the laundry cupboard. Two words: boat anchor.

#2. The government will save $11,360,000 in penny production costs and distribution this year alone. So the net benefit to each man, women and child in Canada will be 37 cents. I can’t wait til I get my “penny rebate” cheque in the mail.

#1. Wow! A 400% percent increase in the cost of thoughts!

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