Fun things about having a new co-host from out of town

This morning, the River announced that Lisa Daigneault (Dan-yo) has been selected to fill the north chair position on Prince George most listened to morning show starting Monday February 1st. Lisa has been hosting the morning show at The Mix in Prince Rupert for the last year. So she’ll be new to PG. Mike’s top five fun things about having a new co-host from out of town.
#5. Explaining how to pronounce Ques-nelle.
#4. They usually think I’m the boss, at least for the first little while.
#3. A chance to re-use all those “Top 5 signs you’re not from here” Top 5 Lists.
#2. Nice to have someone gullible enough and new enough to PG that you can tell them the Cougars are re-building this year.
#1. Nice to have someone around who hasn’t heard all 4 of my jokes already!

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