Furby mania

Does anyone remember the craziness of “The Furby Christmas”? The Christmas of 1998, was the year every kid wanted a Furby and parents went to incredible lengths for get Furbies. Here’s my top five list from December 5, 1998
Top five signs you’re getting too caught up in Furby mania.
#5. On the back of your bowling shirt it says “The Furbinator”.
#4. You think those guys who camped out for a week to buy Tragically Hip tickets lacked focus.
#3. You’re seriously considering bypassing the whole toy Furby thing and just buying a real live “Ron Polillo”.
#2. Shopping with you involves your Mastercard, shoulder pads and air support.
#1. You were just rudely awaken by the sound of the store managers keys.

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