Giving thanks for the Super Bowl

Today’s show brought to you by The Super Bowl. Not the football game this weekend; but the bowl Mrs. Kelly uses to cut Rick’s hair!

The facts are..

Super Bowl is on Sunday!

Pittsburgh and Green Bay

The Steelers and Packers

Aaron Rodgers vs Ben Roethlisberger

The Terrible Towels against the Cheeseheads

Black and gold against green and gold

The dynasty of the 60’s against the dynasty of the 70’s

By the way, The Steelers win (I saw them rehearsing in TMZ last night)

No cheerleaders this year (neither team has a cheerleader squad)

Advertisers will be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for ads people will see once on the telecast and then see thousands and thousands of times on Youtube the next day!

7,552 pounds of hot dogs will be eaten at the stadium during the game

The only day when more food is consumed in the US is Thanksgiving Day

So, chow down and give thanks that it’s Super Bowl Sunday. Go Steelers!


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