Have fun while Christmas shopping

Mike’s top five ways to have fun while (other people are) Christmas shopping.

#5. Go to M&M Meat Shops pretend to page “clean up in isle two” (ha h ha – there’s only one isle at M&M’s).

#4. Hide inside the clothing racks and while someone browses through yell, “Pick me! Pick me!”

#3. Move the “Caution Wet Floor” sign outside to the parking lot near a puddle.

#2. Dart around the store, using your coat as a cape, going from display to display, waving your ice scraper, chanting “Expecto a greatus dealus, with no payus til Mayus..”

#1. Fill a shopping cart with so many items that it’s overflowing, then go up to the checkout line and find a guy with just one item, then ask if you can get ahead of them.

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