High gas prices are starting to affect the way I do things

Filling gas tank
Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

Mike’s top five signs that high gas prices are starting to affect the way I do things.

#5. I’ve started keeping a brick in the gas tank.

#4. I now only drive on odd numbered days. I’ll be calling in sick on even numbered days.

#3. I now find myself not being as generous as usual when it comes to tipping the gas station attendant.

#2. This summer’s family vacation?! Walking distance day trips to Fat Burger and Home Depot (I guess no different than last summer..).

#1. Going to be changing the name of the radio station from 101.3 The River to 142.3 The River.



Tow truck drivers say they’re picking up more cars that have run out of gas – a lot of people are apparently trying to stretch that quarter tank of gas. Mike’s top five ways to stretch a tank of gas.

#5. Let the cats walk.

#4. Avoid needless turning of the radio dial.

#3. Instead of a family road trip – just have the kids sit in the van while you pass pictures of last summers road trip past their windows.

#2. Have everyone inhale and crouch down on the straight-a-ways.

#1. Be an optimist – Don’t look at it as a quarter tank of gas, see it as three quarters full of space in your gas tank!

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