High Paying Jobs That Didn’t Even Exist Ten Years Ago

Director of Analytics, User Experience Director, Sustainability Director, Mobile Applications Developer… oh, and Web Analyst.

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Here’s my take on the article “5 High-Paying Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago” [Link to the real article].

Director of Analytics

Basically you analyze your industry (follow a bunch of industry people on Twitter) and your customers (read their comments on Facebook) and come up with ideas for the monthly report.

User Experience Director

You behave nicely at work, keep the place tidy and make sure your customers really like dealing with you.

Sustainability Director

Find ways to reduce your company’s environmental footprint and use resources more responsibly.

Mobile Applications Developer

Make an app. When the app breaks, fix it (repeat).

Web Analyst

Sign up for a Google Analytics account and then dazzle everyone with all of your Jedi level analyticness.


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