How to fix – Home button not working on your iPhone, iPad or iPod

The Home button not working can be the result of dropping your phone, getting your phone wet or just dust (or sometimes stuff just tanks). Fortunately it’s a hardware problem with a software workaround.

This will work with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad using iOS6 or earlier.

1. Hold the power button down to force a full shutdown and restart of your phone.

2. Touch Settings

3. Then General


4. Scroll down and find Accessibility


5. Under the heading “Physical & Motor” turn on AssistiveTouch.


6. You’ll notice a little glowing circle in the top left of the screen.

7. Touch the circle and there’s your new Home button!


I hope this works for you, if not you might find a few other suggestions on this thread.

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  1. Jodi says:

    Thank you Mike for posting this..I dropped my phone in the toilet in November and my power button and screen shot never worked after that, my screen stayed on all the time and killed my battery. This totally fixed both those problems!! Thank you Thank you!!!

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