How fast does Santa travel on Christmas Eve?

Santa photo by Douglas Rahden
By Douglas Rahden, Attribution, Link

So, you don’t think it’s possible for Santa to deliver all those gifts in one night? Think again…

Here’s the math, with some help from Popular Science [source].

  • Each household has (on average) 2.67 children, there are 75 million homes and the average distance between homes is about 1.63 miles. So, Santa needs to cover 122 million miles on Christmas Eve.
  • To cover that distance in 24 hours he would need to travel 5,083,000 mph (130 times more slowly than the speed of light).

That speed is impossible: No, it’s not. Stuff already travels that fast –> : negative matter, quantum entanglements and gamma-ray bursts. So it’s difficult, but not impossible for something (Santa) to travel 5,083,000 mph.

What about the increase in mass caused by that speed: Granted when the sleigh gets moving that fast, mass becomes an issue. So, let’s estimate 10 pounds of gifts per child –> 2 billion pounds. Factored to 130 times slower than light, that’s only 72 billion pounds AND it only achieves that mass if it doesn’t stop, and IT DOES STOP, frequently (at each home). So these frequent stops actually negate the effect of the increase in mass.

So, ya. Totally possible.

Merry Christmas!

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