How old is Mr. PG?

Mr. PG –

How old is Mr. PG?

Mr. PG was officially “born” May 8th, 1960.

He was originally used as a mannequin at the downtown Mr. Big & Tall shop [probably not true].

The idea for Mr. PG originated with Harold Moffat in the late 1950’s, who believed Prince George needed a mascot to promote the forest industry and represent the City. – [Source – Exploration Place]

In 1960 he became an official Prince George symbol.

(In 1960) It was originally 40’ tall and made of spruce wood. The mascot was built to ride on a float in the Pacific National Exhibition parade in Vancouver, and was the prizewinner for best float. – [Source – Wikipedia]

In 1963 Mr. PG took part in the Grey Cup Parade in Vancouver and  became a nationally recognized symbol of Prince George. The Lions lost to the Ti-Cats 21-10.

Mr. PG was totally rebuilt in 1983 and moved to his “permanent home” at the corner of Highway 16 & 97. The rebuilt Mr. PG was 26 feet (8 meters) tall and his head was 1.5 meters in diameter. The updated Mr. PG was also given a yellow hardhat.

In 1990  Mr. PG began to bare a striking resemblance to radio host Mike Benny.

Mr PG Benny
From the Prince George Citizen circa 1990

In 2009 Mr. PG was recognized with his own stamp from Canada Post.

MR. PG Stamp – 2009


In February 2012 Mr. PG was given a sweater for National Sweater Day.

Mr. PG
Mr. PG in a sweater from The City of Prince George Facebook page

In the Fall of 2012 Mr. PG was taken down, given another make-over and was moved across the street to his present location.

Mr. PG – Fall 2012
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