How to add a date picker to a Google Spreadsheet

Here’s how to add a date picker to a Google Spreadsheet…

Select the cell (or the row, or column) and set the “format” to “date”.

Adding a date picker

Double-click the date and there’s your date picker!

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    • Mike Benny says:

      To change the format of the date, select the date cells (or column) and click Format (from the main menu). From the drop-down select Number and select from the date formats shown.

  1. Morten Meyer says:

    Hi. This works wonderfully when using the spreadsheet on my PC. I also need to be able to enter dates from an android smartphone using chrome and from an Iphone/Ipad using the sheets app or a browser. But no datepicker shows up when I click on a cell to enter a date. Do you know how to open the datepicker on ios and android? It is probably jest a user error on my side – please help if you can. Thanks a million.

    • Mike Benny says:

      Hi Morten,

      Try selecting the cell and then look for a little calendar icon.

      Date picker Android

      This is from my Android, but I’m sure iOS would have something similar.

      Please let us know if this works.

  2. Hamid Kharal says:

    Hi Mike, can you make the date picker just select months instead of picking days?

    I want to be able to click a cell and just select a month that I want.


    • Mike Benny says:

      It is possible to only display the month (with no day), but the date picker will still show a regular calendar (with days).

      Select the cell, then pulled-down the “more formats” (123) drop-down. Select “More Formats”, “More date and time formats”. From there you can remove the “day” and just keep “month”.


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