How to add audio files to a WordPress blog or website

plugin-linkThis a really easy way to add audio files to your self-hosted WordPress site using the WP Audio Player plugin.

The WP Audio Player plugin requires no special coding, short codes or special settings. Just download, activate and go!

The plugin adds a box to your Edit-Post window which allows you to either specify the URL of a sound file located somewhere else on the web or select a sound file you have uploaded to your media folder.

*Placement of the player sound bar does have some limitations and is dependent on where your theme places “Custom Fields”.


add-newStep 1. Get the plugin

  • Plugins
  • Add New

In the search window “WP Audio Player”.

  • Install now

After it downloads, click “Activate the plugin”.

(-or- Download directly here)


media-addStep 2. Upload a sound file

  • Media
  • Add New

Drop audio your file into Upload New Media window or use “Select Files” to upload the audio file (in this case I have a sound file called brobob.mp3)

Once the file is uploaded in the media folder it will appear in the “Featured Audio” box in your post editor.

Close the Media window and select Posts to add a new post.


select-fileStep 3. Add the sound file to your post

  • Posts
  • Add New

You will now notice you have a “Featured Audio” box on the right-hand side of the Add New Post window.

  • Select the audio file you would like to add to your post (or paste the URL for the audio file if it’s located elsewhere).

No need to add any short codes or click insert… Just create a post the way you normally would and the sound bar will appear at the bottom of your post.

  • Publish the post as you normally would.



This plugin places the sound file in “Custom Fields” so it’s location will vary depending on the theme design. Usually it will be placed at the bottom of the post. (more on Custom Fields here…


As you can see on my theme the sound bar is placed under the default location for my sharing icons and related posts. This is not the best location, but is fixable with a few edits to my theme’s Single Post php file (single.php). More on that here


In the future the developer has plans make locating the sound bar more flexible…

FAQ: Right now, the player only appears at the bottom of the post. Can I change it’s position?

In version 1.0, no; however, this is a planned feature assuming that the plugin is useful for other people.

Here is a link to the developers website.

Here is a link to the WordPress Plugin Directory.

I hope this works well for you.


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