How to not show the author name on a WordPress blog

Here, the Network 1.4 by EugeneO theme has an option for showing the author name.

Maybe you don’t want your username showing up on your blog posts?

By default most WordPress themes automatically include the date and author name for all posts. Most of the time your “author name” is your username.

Some themes will let you select whether to show the author name on posts…


If your theme does not have this option, you can remove the author name with this edit to your index.php file. Remove this line of code from your index.php, single.php, etc…

<p>by <?php the_author(); ?></p>



Add a new nickname, then select it in the pull-down menu.

If you would rather not fiddle with php code, there is another way to alter the author name on posts.

1. In the “Users” section of your Dashboard select the author you would like to alter. My user name is MBenny (my author name is also MBenny), but I would rather people saw me as “Mike”.

2. Change the “Nickname” to the name you would like people to see on your posts. I changed mine to “Mike”. (Caution: Do not change the User name, the first name or the last name — just the Nickname.)

3. Underneath that field pull down the “Display name publicly as…” and select the new name.

4. Now, all of your post will include your new “altered” name.

To hide your name completely, change your Nickname to the name of your blog or use a dash, hyphen or other character.

I hope this works for you. Comment below if so…


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  1. Kelly says:

    Thanks Mike,

    I found your site looking for Mr. PG’s birthday.

    I usually edit the code, but I didn’t know about the nickname feature. Thanks!


  2. Jan says:

    Hi Mike,
    I am creating a blog for a client (my first, and his). His author name was showing up on his posts just fine. Then I got him a Gravatar account and uploaded his profile picture. Now his author name DOES NOT show up on his posts, though we want it to. I checked his WP user profile, and everything seems correct.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

    • Mike Benny says:

      Hi Jan,

      If this problem is not resolved (with the tips below), please email me your website address (my email is below), I would love to have a look at it and help you get things fixed.

      There are a few things to check: First, in the WordPress Dashboard: Settings_Discussion Settings (check to see that “Show Avatars” is selected), also check Users_Profile (see if there is a Nickname and “Display name as…”), also check your Gravatar setup –> My Profile_Name and Details (make sure you have a “Display Name”).

      If these are all good and you haven’t changed anything else on your site (switched themes, messed with the code… etc), then congrats, you have discovered a cool bug!!

      Mike Benny

  3. Jan says:

    I figured out the problem but I cannot fix it! First I created his WP site, hosted by Go Daddy. His author name and username are Bernard. Then I signed him up for Gravatar but it said Bernard was taken, so I used his initials. Now I realize the two names must be the same, but neither one can be changed, and the Gravatar account cannot be deleted.

    • Mike Benny says:

      Hi Jan,

      I didn’t know the names had to be the same, I thought the connection is made with the email address. My username is not the same as my Gravatar name.

      I suggest, don’t bother with Gravatar. Try disconnecting the Gravatar from the website. Go to “My Profile” and then “Websites”.

      Let me know how it goes.

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