How to create a free poll for your website using Google Docs

Here’s an easy and free way to add a poll or survey to your website or blog using Google Docs / Drive.

Step 1. Assuming you have a Google account, open your Google Docs / Drive and click the Create button and select Form.


Step 2. Select a theme for your form / poll or leave it plain, you can change it later.


Step 3. Select the type of poll of survey (how people will answer your questions.

Step 4. Add a title, description, poll choices and then click done.


Note: Delete the Sample Question 2 at the bottom of the page.

Step 5. Under “More actions” select “Embed” to generate the iframe code you will need to embed the poll in your website or blog.


Step 6. Paste the iframe code onto a page or post on your website or blog.

Step 7. Done. You now have a free poll or survey on your website.

How do I manage my new poll?

After you’ve pasted the code on your page or blog, you can edit the poll and see results by going back to your Google Docs / Drive main page.

You will see your poll listed by title with your other docs and spreadsheets.

Open the poll and select “Form” to edit the poll and see the results.


You also edit the response that visitors get when they take your poll and select if results are shown by clicking “More actions” and selecting “Edit confirmation”.


Did it work for you?

I just did it myself and it worked like a charm. If I missed a step or left something out please let me know. Thank you.

Here’s mine…
[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”spreadsheet/embeddedform” query=”formkey=dGY4QVI4RWZFb0thRU1NNG1YejBsY2c6MQ” width=”500″ height=”437″ /]

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