How to enforce an outdoor smoking ban in #PrinceGeorge

City Council has endorsed pursuing a bylaw to restrict smoking outside around Civic facilities such as parks and playgrounds.

smoking-signA good idea, but tough to enforce… Here are some suggestions for enforcing an outdoor smoking ban at City facilities.

#5. At the next parade, city councilors walk the route with squirt guns and those little electric fans to deter smokers.

#4. At the next Civic event hire actors to mill thru-out the crowd giving stern looks of disapproval to smokers.

#3. Kick up the water spray park to provide smoke deterrence cover for all of Ft. Geo. Park.

#2. The City could lead by example: At the next fireworks display, instead of lighting them up, just a have a picture of fireworks and a guy on the loudspeaker going “phew, phew, phew!”

#1. Free Nicorettes at all Civic events.

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