How to Get the Best Cup of Coffee from an Auto-Drip Coffee Maker


How to Get the Best Cup from an Auto-Drip Coffee Maker from LifeHacker

The auto-drip coffee maker is ridiculed by coffee snobs (and for good reason—plenty of other methods make consistently better coffee), but the auto-drip’s no hassle, automatic brewing still makes it the go-to choice for a lot of homes and offices looking for a quick caffeine fix. While you may not be able to get the “perfect” brew from an auto-drip, you can make it a whole lot better with a little know-how.

An auto-drip coffee maker is handy because you can set it and forget it, but the fact you can’t control the temperature or the water ratio as it pours over the beans means you can’t customize the brew as much to fit your liking. The key to good auto-drip is to do skip any silly tricks and keep it as basic as possible, starting with the right coffee beans and roast.

Start the Process Right: Whole Beans, a Good Grind, Filtered Water, and the Right Temperature

Since you can’t control a lot of the variables that make a cup of coffee good with an auto-drip it’s important that you start the process right. This means fresh-roasted whole beans, getting a good grind, fresh water, and trying to get the temperature as close to right as possible.

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