How to import posts from one WordPress site to another

Here’s a quick and easy way to copy posts from one site to another using the built-in Tools on your WordPress dashboard. In this example I am importing WordPress posts from SiteA to SiteB (both are self-hosted WordPress sites).

1. Login to SiteA. Select TOOLS_EXPORT (You may be asked to install the plugin. Do it.), choose the content to export. Download Export File.


2. Login to SiteB. Select TOOLS_IMPORT. Select to import from WordPress. If you haven’t done this before, you will be prompted to download the import plugin. Do it. Select the file (the one you just downloaded from SiteA).

If asked, download the plugin...
If asked, download the plugin…
Change author, import attachments...
Change author, import attachments…

3. Done.

I selected “Import attachments” thinking that images associated with my posts would be moved to the new site — didn’t happen.

Embedded images do appear in posts, but they source from their original URLs. So, if I remove the images from SiteA, I will need to move them to SiteB and re-embed them manually.

Click-able images still point to their original locations.

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