How to make a Top Five List

Gen_topfiveIf you want to make a Top Five List – and who doesn’t?! Here are the top five steps to Top-Five-Listdom,  Jedi level!

#5. Start with a topic and a title. Find a topic that you are interested in and include the topic in the title of the list, so people will know what it’s going to be about right at the start (and they’ll have a chance to find something more interesting on the other channel).

#4. Make a rough outline of what you want the list to look like. Is your list going to be funny or informative or a bit of both? Do you want the funny stuff at the beginning or at the end of the list? Include the word Jedi somewhere on your list for bonus points.

#3. Do some Googleing on the subject and see if others have already covered the topic. If so, find another angle. Example: if there is already a Top Five List about ‘Why Disney should make the next Star Wars movie‘, make your list the ‘Top Five ways Yoda would kick Mickey Mouse’s butt in a Disney Star Wars‘.

#2. Make it personal. Your list should be based on your personal experiences, thoughts or insights on the topic. Example: the ‘Top Five good things about the Easter Bunny‘ might be good, but the ‘Top Five reasons why I think the Easter Bunny should be Pope‘ will be awesome!

#1. Just like Santa – make a list and check it twice. Spelling mistakes are unnecessary, bad grammar is redonkulous and nothing is worse than a top five list with four items.


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