I just saved Canada 1 Billion Dollars!

I am not looking forward to paying for another federal election.

[Insert: slight exaggeration] In the last ten years we have had four federal elections that have cost taxpayers nearly one billion dollars.

[Insert: rhetorical question] Can you imagine the good that could be done with one billion dollars?

I’m not just whining. I have a solution.

How about each political party starts a fan page on Facebook and instead of voting we just go and “Like” that page. The political party with the most likes after two weeks, runs the country.

Afterward, the other parties, get to start a Twitter account and as soon as they get more than a million followers on Twitter, they get to be the official opposition.

Every two years all the parties have to close their Facebook and Twitter accounts and start over.

Potential savings to tax payers: ONE BILLION DOLLARS!

Sound good?

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