Impossible Questions for April 2018

CHRISTOPHER QUALLEY with The Heaviest Carrot!

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: The heaviest one of these is over 22 pounds!

ANSWER: A carrot [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: This has grown 2.5 inches since 1997.

ANSWER: The average person’s waistline.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: There are about 475,000 of these in Canada (4.1 million in the US).

ANSWER: Administrative Professionals [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: This can weigh about 1,000,000 pounds!

ANSWER: The average cumulus cloud weighs 1.1 million pounds [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Most of us (77%) feel guilty about this, but we do it anyway.

ANSWER: Throw out food [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: It turns out, 8% of (North American) adults have never done this.

ANSWER: Sent an email [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: About 8% of vehicles have one of these now.

ANSWER: A check-engine light that is on.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If you’re a good liar, you’re probably also good at this.

ANSWER: Spotting a lie [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Despite evidence to the contrary, over 50% of dog owners say their dog loves this.

ANSWER: Posing for a photo.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Fewer and fewer new homes are including this feature (and some older homes are taking this out).

ANSWER: A traditional doorbell.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 43% of couples did this at their wedding last year. -M&C

ANSWER: Had a friend or relative perform the ceremony [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 4.5 billion people have access to a working toilet, but 6 billion people have access to this.

ANSWER: A cell phone [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: When applying for a job, over 40% of managers consider _____ equally or more important than your work experience.

ANSWER: Your volunteer experience [source].

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