Impossible Questions for August 2019

clown fish

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: When it comes to total numbers of pets, cats are number two and this animal is number one.

ANSWER: Freshwater fish (source).

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 18% of guys say this helped them get through a bad break-up.

ANSWER: A pet.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Doing this on a first date really increases your chances of a second date.

ANSWER: Share a dessert.


IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: The easiest word to pronounce in the English language is “too”, what’s the most difficult word to pronounce?

ANSWER: Colonel – Pronunciation: Ker-nal (source).


IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Quite a few people do THIS, but only 3% who do it do it professionally.

ANSWER: Shoplift!


IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: It’s actually funny that any of these are still around, because it’s estimated that 25% of them don’t even work!

ANSWER: A Doorbell.


IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Men are way more likely than women to exaggerate this number.

ANSWER: How fast they were driving.


IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Most people admit to doing this at least 5 times a week (even though we know we shouldn’t do it).

ANSWER: Throw something in the garbage that should be recycled.


IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 76% of people think they are better or at least ‘as good’ at THIS than any of their siblings.

ANSWER: Making people laugh.


IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Doing this just once will impair your physical performance as much as having a blood alcohol level of 0.08%.

ANSWER: Staying up all night.


IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Just one of these can store about 20,000,000 photos or 170,000 hours of music (10 terabytes of data).

ANSWER: The Human brain (source).


IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Experts say nowadays one of these will last for about 78 months (6.5 yrs).

ANSWER: A personal computer (source).


IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: People in BC drink more of this than people in any other province.

ANSWER: Skim milk!



IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: In the early 1900’s there hundreds of these all over Canada. Their numbers steadily declined, and in the 1980’s there were only 12. Today there are almost 1,000 in Canada!

ANSWER: Breweries in Canada (source)!


IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Some of us have not done this in quite a while, but 29% of us have NEVER done it.

ANSWER: Watched a Star Wars movie.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: About 75% of the time we’ll use cash to pay for this (the other 25% of the time we use other means).

ANSWER: Pay for an item in a vending machine.


IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Almost 25% of us do this online, even though we know it’s not safe.

ANSWER: Use the same password for more than one account.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: We only do this 4 or 5 times per year and it’s usually in the summer.

Clue: Usually at night and usually not by yourself.

ANSWER: Play a board game.


IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: New research says a 50 yr old can do this twice as fast as a 30 yr old!

ANSWER: Pick a show on Netflix!

On average it takes 18 minutes to pick a show, the older you are the quicker you are. *Add another person to the mix and you can almost double the time it takes.


IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: This usually feels good, but it only lasts for about 23 minutes.

ANSWER: The rush or satisfaction after buying something.


IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Most agree that this is something you shouldn’t do, but 73% of people who end up doing it, don’t regret it at all.

ANSWER: Go through their partner’s phone (source).


IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: This takes about 6 ½ hours. It used to take almost 2 days, but we’re getting better at it.

ANSWER: The flight to the International Space Station (ISS) (source).



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