Impossible Questions for December 2018

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: The average person that has this, uses it 11 times per day.

ANSWER: Tinder [source]!

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: This usually happens at 6:44 in the morning.

ANSWER: Kids wake up their parents on Christmas morning!

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Canada makes about 175,000 tons of this every year, because we really need it at Christmas.

ANSWER: Cranberries [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: In Canada there are 1,872 of these. They are mostly in Eastern Canada, but there are a few in BC.

ANSWER: Christmas tree farms [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: It takes the average person 90 seconds to find one of these in their house.

ANSWER: Elastic band!

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Every morning we lose about 50% of these.

ANSWERS: Memories of our dreams.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Almost 70% of us just can’t seem to throw this out.

ANSWER: High School yearbook.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: We spend over an hour and a half (105 minutes) doing this every week.

ANSWER: Looking for keys.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 77% of women wish they knew someone who did this.

ANSWER: Danced!

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If you are a single woman you are way more likely to do this than if you’re a single man.

ANSWER: Buy a house or condo.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Only about 50% of kids today have ever experienced this.

ANSWER: Being grounded by their parents.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Only 5% of adults say they have ever borrowed money from friends or family for this.

ANSWER: Christmas gifts [source].

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