Impossible Questions for January 2019

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: The average person will spend about 20,000 minutes doing this over their lifetime.

ANSWER: Kissing [source]!

Time spent kissing: 20,160 mins = 336 hours = 2 weeks

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: When it comes to life-skills that employers look for, this is number one.

ANSWER: Creativity [source].

1. Creativity
2. Persuasion
3. Collaboration
4. Adaptability
5. Time management

1. Cloud computing
2. Artificial intelligence
3. Analytical reasoning
4. People management
5. UX design (user experience design)

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: This doesn’t happen very often anymore, but it does still happen about 1.6% of the time.

ANSWER: You call a wrong number.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: This weighs about 20 pounds.

ANSWER: Your skin [source]!

Intestines – 7.5 pounds (4 pounds for the large intestine, 3.5 pounds for the small)
Lungs – 5 pounds (2.5 pounds each)
Liver – 3.2 pounds
Brain – 3 pounds
heart – 0.6 pounds

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: It turns out we have a lot of this stuff, about eight times more than we ever need.

ANSWER: Makeup products [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If you’re a woman you’re twice as likely as a man to be dealing with this today.

ANSWER: Insomnia [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: This is made up of an embryo, a pericarp and an endosperm.

ANSWER: A popcorn kernel [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: For 4% of us doing this will cause a significant drop in our heart rate and blood pressure.

ANSWER: Seeing blood [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If you’re a male, this will probably happen to you twice this year (four times if you’re a female).

ANSWER: Cut yourself shaving.

*A cut bad enough to warrant treatment.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Almost everyone has this, but less than 40% of us use it.

ANSWER: Dental floss.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Most of us consider this the number one sign we’re getting old.

ANSWER: Forgetting people’s names [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: When we do THIS 27% of us regret it almost right away.

ANSWER: Retire!

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: On average we will sit through about 131 of these every year.

ANSWER: Boring days [source].

The average person has 131 days of non-fun or boring days in a year (2.5 days/week).

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If you’re HERE there’s an 11% chance you could fall to your death.

ANSWER: If you’re in a children’s cartoon [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If you did this 1,081 times in one minute, you would hold the World Record!

ANSWER: Clap. The World Record for numbers of claps in one minute is 1,080 [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: We should be able to do this, but 45% of us really struggle to do it.

ANSWER: Read our own handwriting.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If you have this, you’re one of the few (less than 2% of us have this).

ANSWER: Green eyes [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If you have one of these, you probably paid around $1,300 for it.

ANSWER: An uncontested divorce in Canada [source].

According to Canadian Lawyer’s 2011 legal fees survey, the cost of an uncontested divorce ranges from $1,006 to $2,547, with the average being $1,353. A contested divorce, meanwhile, can cost anywhere from $7,208 to $74,122, with the average cost being $12,875.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: An average person can do this in about 27 seconds.

ANSWER: Form a first impression of someone [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: This is something in your kitchen that is there as a result of pyrolysis.

ANSWER: Coffee!

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 93% of us have done this at least once in the last 30 days.

ANSWER: Eaten pizza [source]!

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: You have 640 of these and you probably don’t use even half of them.

ANSWER: Muscles [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 80% of us admit to this, but only 40% of us feel guilty about it.

ANSWER: Having a room that is a total hoard-room.

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