Impossible Questions for June 2019

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If you had 28 of these you would hold the World Record!
ANSWER: Eggs in one hand [source]!

The World Record for most eggs held in one hand (27)!

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: In BC only 79% of us do this. The lowest rate is in Manitoba, where only 54% do it.
ANSWER: Drink tap water [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: The last time someone did this was back in 1972, and no one has been able to do it since.
ANSWER: Walk on the Moon [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: This is something that is free for everyone in the World — except for Americans.
ANSWER: GPS [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: This everyday item is made mainly of aluminum and several different types of plastic.
ANSWER: Toothpaste tube [source]

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: I thought there would be more, but apparently only 16% of us can see this.
ANSWER: The glass half empty [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If there are 5 or 6 of these, then that’s about average.
ANSWER: Number of letters in an English language word [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: For 25% of us, it’s been more than six months since we last did this. For 2% of us, we have NEVER done it.
ANSWER: Spoke to someone using a landline phone [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: The odds that this will happen to someone this year is 1-in-32,000.
ANSWER: Hit by falling space junk [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If you travel at all you’ve probably contributed to the one million dollars a year that ends up here.
ANSWER: The bins for personal items at airport security.

Over a million dollars a year in change is left unclaimed in airport security screening bins.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If you do ever do this at work, chances are you’ll never do it again.
ANSWER: Set up our voicemail

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Most people like to eat this, but NEVER for breakfast.

Foods never to eat for breakfast
Poached/baked fish
Roast chicken
Cream soups
Beef Stroganoff
Fried fish
Roast pork
Beef stew

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 20% of people think this is about the worst thing you can do if you’re out for dinner on a first date.
ANSWER: Take pictures of your food.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: For most of us this happens 3 times a day, but for 9% of us it can happen 15 times a day!
ANSWER: Get frustrated with tech [source]!

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If you prefer dogs to cats, statistically, you probably also prefer THIS.
ANSWER: Red white over white wine [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Not many of us would admit it, but apparently 9% of us will do THIS this summer.
ANSWER: Fake a vacation photo.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Ketchup, coffee, beer and fried chicken all have this in common.
ANSWER: Food that should not be frozen [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: For the average person one of these will last about 192 hours (8 days).
ANSWER: Summer vacation.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: According to a new survey THIS is becoming popular again.
ANSWER: Road trips [source].

73% of us feel that road tripping is a much more pleasant experience than flying.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: There are 1.5 million of these in Canada and most of them (78%) are males.
ANSWER: Golfers [source].

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