Impossible Questions for March 2018

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 46% of adults talk to this, even though it’s unlikely they’ll be heard.

ANSWER: An ATM (bank machine)

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: It’s unlikely you would use this more than 72 times.

ANSWER: A toilet paper roll [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: It takes about 22 muscle pairs and 7 cranial nerves to do this.

ANSWER: Swallow [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: In 400 years, this will only happen 58 times.

ANSWER: March 21st falls on a Wednesday [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: For over 96% of the population, this is true.

ANSWER: They live in the country they were born in (3.2% live outside of their country of birth) [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Compared to teenagers in the 80’s, teens today are (73%) way more likely to have trouble with this.

ANSWER: Sleeping [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 46% of us admit to doing this while under the influence of alcohol.

ANSWER: Shopping [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: The average adult Canadian does this just once a year (it could be considered a leisure activity).

ANSWER: Read a book.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 53% of adults still have this.

ANSWER: Stuffed animal from when they were a kid [source].

  • 53% of us still have a stuffed animal from their childhood.
  • 40% of adults say they still interact with their stuffed animals.
  • 29% of people have a designated drawer for sentimental items.
  • 39% of people store their sentimental items on display throughout their home.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Over 90% of millennials do this at least once a month.

ANSWER: Buy something on/with their phone (music, apps, games…)

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: This is over 220 pounds.

ANSWER: Amount of meat the average person eats in a year [source].

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