Impossible Questions for March 2019

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: You should get about $1,500 for doing this!

ANSWER: Starting a game of Monopoly [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: This will cost you the most in Switzerland and the very least in Russia. Canada is the 5th most expensive place for this.

ANSWER: A Big Mac [source]!

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: It looks like about 47% of adults (over 30) do this at least once a month (only 32% of those under 30 do it).

ANSWER: Play the lottery (buy a lottery ticket) [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: In 2007 this product had a 46.7% market share, it’s been falling ever since. Last year it had fallen to a 41.5% market share.

ANSWER: Beer [source]!

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Only 44% of kids (tweens and teens) are confident they can do this.

ANSWER: Determine what news is fake news [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: We probably all have at least one of these. They last a very long time (the average one will last about 30 years).

ANSWER: A coin [source]!

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 57% of us admit to this bad habit. 8% of us say we do it “all the time”, 14% of us do it “most of the time”.

ANSWER: Take our phones to the bathroom [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If you’re not %100 sure about this, you might want to check your beta-galactosidase.

ANSWER: Bad breath [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: When we do this, 96% of us are doing it for someone else.

ANSWER: Making someone else laugh [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: This is something guys need to do every once in a while, but most guys hate to do it in public.

ANSWER: Apologize!

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: There are about 4,834,305 of these.

ANSWER: People that live in Ireland (Happy St. Patrick’s Day) [source]!

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: When you do the math, THIS works out to about $5.82 an hour.

ANSWER: The average salary for a working Canadian ($51,000) [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If you average it out, we spend about 11 cents a day doing this.

ANSWER: ($40) Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: At breakfast, 7% of us do this.

ANSWER: Pour the milk in the bowl first, then the cereal [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: You would think this was invented in France, but it was really invented in California in 1954.

ANSWER: French Onion Dip [source]!

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If you average it out, men spend about 5 minutes a day doing this and women spend about 17 minutes a day doing it.

It’s a survey of household activities.

ANSWER: Laundry [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 7% of us have made an enemy at work because we did this.

ANSWER: Clipped our nails at our desk [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: There are only four different types of these.

Types are: The bow (also called the bone), ball, bell and boot.

ANSWER: Chicken McNuggets (shapes) [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: This is always about 200 km away.

ANSWER: Your significant other if you’re in a long-distance relationship (The minimum distance to be considered a long-distance relationship is 212 km – according to this survey) [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: This happens to us about 106 times a year.

ANSWER: We get a perfect night’s sleep [source]!

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If you’re young and poor you’re way more likely to do this, but overall about 5% of us do it.

ANSWER: Vegetarianism [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: “Keys” is the number one thing on this list.

ANSWER: Things accidentally dropped in the toilet.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: The average Canadian does this slightly more than the average American (when you add it all up we spend about 12 days per year doing this).

ANSWER: Reading [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Not everyone does THIS with their dog, but 47% of dog owners DO.

ANSWER: Plan some sort of Valentine’s Day celebration for their dog [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 63% of people who leave their job do this (almost right away).

ANSWER: Rate their former employer “good” or “excellent”.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: February 8, 1946 this happened and it was pretty cool!

ANSWER: CKPG Radio first signed on the air in Prince George [source]!

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