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Impossible Questions for May 2018

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: The largest one of these is more than 132 gallons!

ANSWER: Snoop Dogg’s Gin and Juice [source]!

The drink contained 180 bottles of gin, 154 bottles of apricot brandy and 38 jugs of orange juice, according to Guinness.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: One of these can be 8 inches long and weigh more than 8 pounds.

ANSWER: AN elephant’s tooth.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: The oldest one of these was about 47 years old.

ANSWER: An overdue library book [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Research says most people stop doing this by the time they’re 33.

ANSWER: Liking new music.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: It costs about 33% of your salary to do this.

ANSWER: To replace you at work [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Single women are now more likely than single men to do this (twice as likely).

ANSWER: Purchase a home or condo [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: In a new survey, this is #4 on the list of things people fear the most.

ANSWER: People!

Here’s the list…
1. Public speaking
2. Bugs/spiders/snakes
3. Small spaces
4. People
5. Heights
6. The dark
7. Thunder/lightning
8. Flying
9. Dogs
10. Dentist

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: The average person does this 1,200 times per year.
ANSWER: Gets stressed out.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Most of us can do this in about a seventh of a second.

ANSWER: Recognize a face.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: In the 80’s 20% of us did this, now only 11% of us do.

ANSWER: Belong to a union [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: We spend about $250 a year on this (and we shouldn’t have to).

ANSWER: Buying things we already have, but can’t find.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 42% of millennials will do this just to keep a friendship.

ANSWER: Spend money they don’t have (go into debt).

42% said they would spend money they don’t have to “keep up with friends” because they’re uncomfortable talking about money with friends.

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