Impossible Questions for November 2017

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: According to research, 17% of us just finished doing this.

ANSWER: Sleeping naked [source].

The majority (52 percent) of Americans sleep “partially clothed” and 31 percent sleep “fully clothed.” … 17 percent of Americans who sleep “unclothed.” – Men’s Fitness

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: On the top ten list of Things You Can Do To Repel a Potential Mate, what was #2?

#1. Constantly compare them to your ex
#2. _____________
#3. Get their name wrong
#4. Talk too much about yourself
#5. Lie

#2. Complain about their own appearance

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 61% of Americans do this once a year. 30% of Canadians do it once a year.

ANSWER: Get a flu shot [source]. Canadian source.

Even though 34% say it didn’t work the last time they did it.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: It takes about half an hour… but this will eventually give off enough heat to boil water.

ANSWER: A human body [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 33% of us do this twice a day, 41% of us do it just once.

ANSWER: Wash your face [source].

14% more than twice and 12%, every other day.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If this is stolen, there’s only an 8% chance you’ll get it back.

ANSWER: A cow [source].

Only 8% of stolen livestock is every recovered.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: It seems like something we all do, but as it turns out only 37% of us do this.

ANSWER: Have access to the Internet [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Even if you do everything you’re supposed to do and you try really hard, there’s only a .16% chance this will happen.

ANSWER: Make it to the NHL [source].

… 0.16 percent will get drafted into the NHL and only 0.02 percent of hockey-playing boys (in Ontario) will make a ‘career’ out of hockey.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: The average person has 8 times more of this than they ever use.

ANSWER: Makeup [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: These have been on the increase for years, but they actually went down in numbers last year.

ANSWER: Phone scams [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: A 15 year old girl named Jennifer holds the record for this (17,328).

ANSWER: Selling boxes of Girl Guide/Scout Cookies [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: On this list, Walmart is number two!

ANSWER: List of the the largest employers (in the US) [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: There are more fake ones than there are real ones.

ANSWER: Flamingos [source].

It’s not Christmas trees! Real trees still out-sell fake trees two-to-one.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Most of these sell for about $5, but you can find them for as much as $214.

ANSWER: Grilled cheese sandwich [source].

The most expensive sandwich commercially available is the “Quintessential Grilled Cheese” which sells for US $214.

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