Impossible Questions for November 2018

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 66% of women do this every day, but only 49% of men do it.

ANSWER: Pray [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Men spend about 7 hours per year in the bathroom doing this.

ANSWER: Hiding.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: An average one of these is about $850.

ANSWER: Christmas bonus [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: The largest one of these can weigh up to 3.17kg (7 pounds).

ANSWER: A full disposable diaper.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 55% of adult males still have this from when they were a kid.

ANSWER: Their favorite cereal.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Doing this for just a few minutes this morning will help boost your immune system, improve your mood and reduce stress.

ANSWER: Sing out loud.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Men spend 19% more than women on this.

ANSWER: Christmas [source]!

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: When it comes to doing THIS the numbers are pretty evenly split between men and women, though most people think of this as a “male thing”.

ANSWER: Gaming (computer or video games) [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Only 18% of people have completed this feat!

ANSWER: Eaten an entire cake or pie in one sitting.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If you try and have just one, there’s at least a 50% chance you’ll end up with two (and an 18% chance you’ll end up with six or more).

ANSWER: A tattoo [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: This is the most common thing stolen from work by employees.

ANSWER: Money [source].

Percent of employees who have stolen at least once from their employer – 75%
Percent of employees who have stolen at least twice from their employer – 37.5%
Percent of employees who have stolen at least once from other employees – 18%

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: “14” is the answer to this question.

ANSWER: What is the average number of farts per person, per day [source].

FYI: All the humans that have ever lived have released approximately 17 quadrillion farts.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Most people are really difficult to understand in this situation.

ANSWER: When you talk in your sleep [source].

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