Impossible Questions for October 2017

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Nowadays, this happens about 63 times a day, last year it only happened 22 times a day.

ANSWER: Attacks on websites [source].

(Attacks on websites) nearly tripled year over year in the second quarter of 2017, from a daily average of 22 per day in the same quarter last year to 63 per day.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: This will actually make your lunch taste better.

ANSWER: Having someone else make it for you [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Doing this can improve your IQ by five points.

ANSWER: Playing an instrument [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: We have about 20 of these every year.

ANSWER: Bottles of wine.

Average Canadian drinks 15 litres/year (or 20 750mil bottles)

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: The biggest one of these is 17cm.

ANSWER: Mouth [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: On average, one of these travels about 1,500 miles (2,400 km).

ANSWER: A question asked to Google [source].

Every query has to travel on average 1,500 miles to a data center and back to return the answer to the user (in 0.2 of a second).

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: This costs about 84 cents (per year).

ANSWER: Charging your phone for one year [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Statistically, you will probably lose at least two friends if you do this.

ANSWER: Fall in love [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: In Canada we have 32 of these. More than any other country in the world!

ANSWER: Space object impact craters.

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