Impossible Questions for September 2018

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: A new home improvement survey found 35% of us don’t feel confident enough to do this job.

ANSWER: Change a lightbulb!

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: These are usually about 14 inches, but the biggest one is over 120 feet.

ANSWER: Pizza (the largest baked pizza 122 ft 8 inches) [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Canadians spend about 60 minutes per day doing this. In Japan and Portugal they spend over 90 minutes per day.

ANSWER: Time spent eating and drinking [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: On average, we buy about seven of these per year.

ANSWER: Bottles of booze [source].

Per capita, Canadians bought more than seven bottles of spirits for every legal Canadian drinker.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 7:45pm is the most likely time for this.

ANSWER: To see a spider in your house [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: In a new survey, only about 27% of North Americans still do this.

ANSWER: Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner (three meals a day).

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 24% of us say it’s been over a year since we last did this.

Back in 2011, the number was only 19%.

ANSWER: Read a book (even part of a book) [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: There are 11,000 of these in Canada (about 30 in PG).

ANSWER: Elementary schools [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Women are more likely than men to forget to do this.

ANSWER: Pay a bill.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If you take this to work there is a really good chance it will be stolen.

ANSWER: An idea.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Almost 2% of people say this is where they met their sweetheart.

ANSWER: On an airplane

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If we needed to, about 30% of us could do this.

ANSWER: Play a musical instrument.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Someone did this in just a little over 7 seconds to break the World Record.

It’s something we can all do, just not that quickly.

ANSWER: Type the full alphabet on a touch screen cell phone keyboard (7.44 seconds) [source].

Rosie Baldwin successfully broke the record for the Fastest time to type the alphabet on a touchscreen mobile phone.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: On average, this will take you about three-and-a-half minutes today.

ANSWER: Make toast!

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If you searched an average home, you would probably find about $450 worth of this.

ANSWER: Unused gift cards and coupons.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 8% of drivers will have this in their car this morning.

ANSWER: The check engine light on.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: 8% of drivers admit to doing this while driving a vehicle.

ANSWER: Operated the pedals using a different foot [source].

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: Almost everyone has one of these, but 15% of us have two.

ANSWER: A fridge!

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: This affects about 6% of the population and it’s pretty unpleasant.

ANSWER: Phantom Odor Perception (smelling something nasty when nothing is there) [source].

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