Improving downtown parking

The DBIA wants to take over policing parking downtown PG. They think they can do a better job than the City is doing. I have some of my own suggestions when it comes to improving downtown parking.

#5. You should have to pay for parking by the foot. A Prius = .50 , an F-350 w: dualies = $4.

#4. You should be able to hand down your parking spot to your children. If you get a really sweet spot, it’s just nice to be able to pass it down.

#3. A color-zone parking system similar to our garbage zones. So, today people from the Hart can park in the yellow zone, people from the bowl can park in the blue zone…

#2. You can park an hour for every $25 you spend downtown. Stop for lunch – park an hour, buy a sofa and big tv – park for the week!

#1. Instead of issuing tickets, the meter reader just walks by and keys your car every few hours (this parking control system is already in use in some neighborhoods).

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